Global Virtual Offices (GVO) will endeavor at all times to provide you with quick, reliable and efficient service. GVO will keep all information confidential and secure. No client records are kept on premises. At anytime our terms and condition can be amended without notification 

I agree that I am responsible for postage charges incurred by my use of this service and I understand that postage for my mail are payable in advance. 

I agree that GVO is not responsible for any international civil and criminal law violations on my part. If my account is closed due to fraudulent activities, I will not receive a refund. 

I understand that upon termination of service or failure to pay the agreed fee in advance, GVO shall have no responsibility to make my mail available without payment therefore. 

I understand that GVO will not knowingly handle any illegal mailing through this re-mailing service. The Client will never use GVO services to engage in fraudulent or illegal activities. 

I understand that if I wish to receive any mail received for me after date of termination, I must provide GVO with a forwarding address and pay the required fees for mail forwarding. In the event I fail to do this, GVO shall refuse further mail, and in the case of mail already received, retain such mail for not more than thirty (30) days, after which it will be destroyed. 

Application and payment for our services will constitute agreement to all terms and conditions listed above. 

The Member hereby accepts responsibility for, and indemnifies GVO against any expenses (both legal and otherwise) incurred by GVO in the defense of legal violations committed by the member. 

GVO accepts no legal responsibility or liability for the handling or forwarding of any mail on the member’s behalf (whether unregistered, registered, certified or insured), or for any action, event or expense associated with or arising from the handling or forwarding of that mail. 

The Client is responsible for all postage, freight, courier, customs, handling and forwarding charges that are incurred by GVO on the member’s behalf. 

The Client understands that there are no exchanges or CHANGES from one mail drop facility location to another mail drop facility location after payment has been submitted and the address has been issued. Under no circumstances is GVO liable for Client’s wish to exchange. If Client is issued address and wants another location, the Client is liable to sign up and make a new payment for an entirely new location. 

That in all cases, the terms “mail”, “mail forwarding”, “mail delivery”, “mail relay”, “re-mailing”, “re-mail”, “mail receipt and forwarding”, “mail forwarding service”, “mail services”, “anonymous mail”, “mail drop”, “mail drop” and/or any similar words or terms, shall be taken to include all postal mail, airmail, courier items, parcels, freight, fax, voicemail, voice mail, email, e mail, and/or any goods, message or private or business communications handled for or on behalf of the member.

Refund Policy

No refunds after purchase. We accept western union, moneygram, bank wire transfers and credit cards through (moneybookers).

Confidentiality, Privacy and Data Protection

GVO considers the confidentiality of your information and your privacy to be important. We do not make any data collected on this website available to third parties. We do not share your data with any of our other clients. We do not sell lists, accept advertising, or generate any third party revenue from the data that is generated on this website. Data gathered will only be used for our internal purposes only and for this we seek your consent.